Full API integration

CRN Wallet can be connected with any Web3 provider like MetaMask, Trust Wallet, etc. 

CRN Wallet is going to be the father of all wallets with it's smartness. It can also be connected with any Network like BSC, ETH, POLYGON, etc.

Smart Security

CRN Wallet is designed in the way to protect funds of our users from hackers. CRN will be 100% audited by top most auditing companies in the world with multiple public testing. 

It also detects any invalid address so that you can verify before sending to any address.


CRN Trading bot gives you live price updates of any cryptocurrency. Also price alert can be set manually by the users of any currency and alerts will be sent through notifications so that you're aware when to buy and when to sell.


CRN is designed for all IOS, Android and Windows users. It's easy to use and easy to understand how to use it. Also it's compatible with latest versions of all exchanges like UniSwap, 1Inch, PancakeSwap, etc.

Secret code: UNSTOPPABLE


Most of the time while using MetaMask and Trust Wallet it isn't that fast to buy any CryptoCurrency. CRN Wallet is recorded to be the fastest then any other Wallet. Our backend tested record is 2.87 seconds i.e., it can give you fastest buy or sell in exchanges.


It always notify you whenever you receive or send through SMS and EMAIL. Also can automatically create payment reminders or schedule for users.

Smart trading alerts are also available in the settings of CRN Wallet.